The website was developed by Digital Security Lab Ukraine to track all legislative acts and initiatives concerning freedom of expression proposed by national authorities to address the Russian aggression of Ukraine, ongoing since 2014, and protect national security. In analytical materials, DSLU experts analyze these acts’ compliance with international human rights law and their effectiveness in reaching the declared aim, simultaneously recommending how to improve the balance of these competing values. 

The Free Speech in Wartime (freespeech.dslua.org) website was produced in the project co-financed by ARTICLE 19 Europe under the sub-award granted to Digital Security Lab Ukraine in the period of May 2022 – July 2023. ARTICLE 19 Europe does not necessarily share the opinions expressed here and will not bear any responsibility for the content published after the end of the project in July 2023. The DSLU as the full owner bears the sole responsibility for the content of this website.

Digital Security Lab Ukraine is a Ukrainian civil society organization working on the digital security of vulnerable groups, such as journalists and human rights defenders, aiming to create a human-rights-centered digital environment in Ukraine. We work toward achieving this goal by contributing to policy development in the field of human rights on the Internet and countering the adoption of harmful legal acts by conducting legal monitoring and analysis, advocacy campaigns, and awareness-raising campaigns. We also engage in international advocacy to secure a proper balance between freedom of expression and legitimate interests, such as public order and national security, in times of crisis.

If you are interested in learning more about our activities or cooperating, feel free to contact us at: [email protected]