What’s up with Ukraine’s media regulation in April 2024?

After an eventful start of the spring, in April, Ukrainian legislators mostly engaged in the discussions surrounding the new mobilisation law, and media-related issues had not been priority ones. Thus, this digest will be a relatively short one, depicting the rare initiatives and activities happening exactly one year after the Law on Media’s entry into force. The most notable events happening in this period were:

  • the Chapter X meeting between the Ukrainian government representatives and the EU Commission dedicated to approximating Ukrainian legislation to the EU standards in the spheres of information society and media;
  • another draft law on enhancing Verkhovna Rada’s transparency;
  • a decision by the National Broadcasting Council against an online media for publishing the photo of a kidnapped minor.

This series of digests provides an overview of the proposed and adopted legislation in the spheres of freedom of expression, media regulation, privacy and data protection, Internet regulation in general, and the activities of the National Broadcasting Council in the area of Media Law implementation.

As usual, the digest contains references to the documents discussed in the previous issues of the digest and provides a follow-up to the acts and events described therein.

You can access the April 2024 digest here: Digest #10 – April 2024.