What’s up with Ukraine’s media regulation in February 2024?

With the winter finally giving its reigns to spring and some sun behind the window, DSLU has continued analysing Ukraine’s media and digital rights regulation and prepared the digest on new regulation adopted or proposed in February 2024. This series of digests provides an overview of the proposed and adopted legislation in the spheres of freedom of expression, media regulation, privacy and data protection, Internet regulation in general, and the activities of the National Broadcasting Council in the area of Media Law implementation.

This month led to a push for making municipalities more transparent but was also marred by some initiatives that, if adopted, might be harmful to freedom of expression and privacy. The most notable events happening in this period were:

  • the extension of martial law for another three months;
  • the adoption of the norms requiring the publication of local self-government bodies’ sessions, voting results, and the retention of the respective archives;
  • the submission by the MPs of a draft law on public places’ video surveillance which conserves the current chaotic regime of their functioning;
  • the publication of the media regulator’s report covering the first year of implementation of the Law on Media.

As usual, the digest contains references to the documents discussed in the previous volumes of the digest and provides a follow-up to the acts and events described therein.
You can access the February 2024 digest here: Digest #8 – February 2024.