What’s up with Ukraine’s media regulation in June 2024?

In June, Ukraine got closer to its European future after the official announcement of the opening of the EU accession negotiations. While there were no tectonic changes of a similar type in the national legal system during this month, the MPs voted for some important pieces of legislation. The most notable events happening in this period were:

  • the adoption and entry into force of the Law on the Use of English in Ukraine, containing the norms supporting screening movies in English;
  • the successful first reading of the draft law granting counterintelligence agencies direct access to various databases;
  • the draft law loosening the restrictions on journalists’ activities during martial law;
  • the registration of three co-regulatory bodies as legal entities.

This series of digests provides an overview of the proposed and adopted legislation in the spheres of freedom of expression, media regulation, privacy and data protection, Internet regulation in general, and the activities of the National Broadcasting Council in the area of Media Law implementation.

As usual, the digest contains references to the documents discussed in the previous issues of the digest and provides a follow-up to the acts and events described therein.

You can access the June 2024 digest here.