What’s up with Ukraine’s media regulation in March 2024?

Spring appears to have awakened not only nature but also legislators. March has been one of the most active months in the media and digital rights domain since the beginning of DSLU’s publication of Ukraine’s media and digital rights regulation digest.

This series of digests provides an overview of the proposed and adopted legislation in the spheres of freedom of expression, media regulation, privacy and data protection, Internet regulation in general, and the activities of the National Broadcasting Council in the area of Media Law implementation.

March 2024 had it all: from draft laws to important decisions by the regulator, as well as international events shaping the regulatory environment for years to come. The most notable events happening in this period were:

  • the adoption of the AI Convention’s text by the Council of Europe;
  • the presentation and public consultation of the amendments to the Law on Media set to further its compliance with the European freedom of expression standards;
  • the draft law on online platforms’ regulation requiring foreign platforms to designate a legal representative and remove content on the media regulator’s request;
  • the completion of the first stage of the competition for a spot in the National Broadcasting Council.

As usual, the digest contains references to the documents discussed in the previous issues of the digest and provides a follow-up to the acts and events described therein.

You can access the March 2024 digest here: Digest #9 – March 2024.